Focus on the Four

Covid-19 has been a whirlwind of canceled plans and a myriad of emotions mixed with the incredible peace that comes with being home in my favorite place with my favorite people. Instead of writing about the canceled plans and many emotions we’ve been feeling, I want to take a few minutes and write about the highlights of today, the things I LOVE about being home with my loved ones.

  1. I’ve had time to read my library books. I’m currently reading Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. As I sat on the couch reading, my girls cuddled up on each side with a board book of their own. For a dreamy five minutes, we three girls read together.
  2. Tonight, in an effort to escape the world, Chad and I had a game night, just him and me. We had delicious snacks on one side of the table and a stack of games on the other. It was the perfect evening and the cares of the world quickly fell away.
  3. Our ward coordinated a “Bear Hunt.” Kids could walk around the neighborhood looking for teddy bears displayed in windows of people’s homes. I walked around the neighborhood for a half-hour with the girls trying to point out teddy bears to them. I’m not sure they noticed a single one, but it was a great excuse to get outside and feel the warmth of the sun warming my face again. I’m so ready for Spring.

Everyone seems to have something profound to say on social media about this strange stage of life. I’m just grateful for the time I have with Chad and my girls. I’m grateful for time to focus on them and us and who we all want to become. Our 2020 theme of “Focus on the Four” fits this year almost too well.