Family Snapshots

I’ve been feeling the need to remember our little life lately, especially as the girls grow so fast. Here are a few of our favorite snapshots:


  • Today I was playing primary songs on the piano, and Ellie stood on her yellow bus next to me asking me to play song after song with her cute little “Again” and “Song!”
  • The way Ellie says, “Fork” and “Shirt” makes us die laughing. Those two words don’t sound like fork and shirt if you get what I mean, Ellie.
  • OUT OF NOWHERE, Ellie started singing, “Rain, rain, go away” in the clearest voice we’ve ever heard while reading a little Unicorn book. It is the CUTEST.
  • We LOVE Ellie’s eyebrow raises right now. She’ll do them in response to our eyebrow raises or whenever she sees her reflection.


  • Almost every time we come down the stairs, Nora runs up and hugs us. With Chad, she yells, “DADA HI.” If we ever take too long, she waits patiently at the bottom of the stairs prepared to pounce.
  • When Nora gets picked up out of her crib, she gathers up her blanket, doll, Minnie mouse, and puppy in her arms and then loves to give hugs and kisses once she’s out. It’s adorable.
  • Nora is going through a BIG trading phase. If we hand her a pack of gummies first, she instantly hands it over to Ellie and takes the next one. Basically, she wants everything Ellie has. Fortunately, she trades; she doesn’t just take.
  • Nora calls Brandon- Unca Bee. It’s heart-melting every time.


  • The girls have become the cutest book readers. They sit down with their books and recite the parts they have memorized. “BOOM BOOM BOOM!” from the Big Hungry Bear, “How much? Sooo much!” from Ashley’s personalized book, and “Hop pop hop,” from Hop on Pop. It’s amazing to watch you two learn words so quickly.
  • The girls recently started holding hands running up and down the hallway. They often yell, “FUN” and “Friends” and “Funny” while they are running. They even started holding hands outside on walks now too.