Forever Families

Today was my older brother, Cameron’s wedding to his sweet love, Katherine Walsh. It was beautiful. Cam is the last to get married of my siblings. Now all 5 of us have been married in the temple. How incredible is that?

When we were in the Sealing Room after the ceremony, my immediate family hung back to hug and have a moment all looking into the eternity mirrors. It was a sweet, picturesque moment. It was dually made better and worse by Grandpa Russ saying, “I’ll be going next!” Such a funny, perfectly grandpa moment.

There was a moment during my Dad’s toast where he got all choked up thanking Katherine for loving his son. It was my favorite moment of the wedding. I realized how precious that fact is. Cameron is loved today. That’s all anyone ever wants. What a beautiful thing to celebrate.

In all reality, the wedding was a bit crazy with the girls. Between sobbing while we drove to and from all the various wedding venues and sobbing during every formal picture moment, Chad and I are exhausted. We’re SO happy for Cam, but SO done with weddings with twin 16-month-olds. It is 100% time to sleep. Peace out!

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