Habits, habits, habits. This word keeps running through my mind. After reading Atomic Habits by James Clear, I’m attempting to make some big identity changes that will help me change my habits. Here are a few examples:

I am healthy therefore I floss daily, run at least one mile daily, start each day with a healthy breakfast, and am drinking less soda.

I am a learner, therefore I am writing 200 words a day, playing the piano every day, and listening to an audiobook or podcast daily.

I am an attentive mom, therefore, I am doing Nora’s hair every day, brushing the girls’ teeth not once, but twice every day, and have 15 minutes of pure-play each day.

I am spiritual, therefore, I pray vocally and read the Book of Mormon personally every day and study Come Follow Me with Chad each evening after the girls go to bed, but before we get too tired.

One main take away has been the concept of not breaking a streak. I’m keeping track of my streaks right now. The best is flossing for 14 days. I’m most impressed by my running a mile 12 days straight and my writing 200 words 10 days in a row. Go, team!