I Love You Today

Every night Chad and I tell each other what we love about the other for that day. Last night I told Chad I loved him for being patient with the girls on the plane, for going to In-n-Out with me and eating our feelings, for watching the girls so I could enjoy time with my family, for making the most of our morning together, for just being him. That’s typically how it goes. It’s a list of sorts.

Today I feel exceptionally loved by Chad and not for any stereotypical romantic movie reason like him getting me flowers or complimenting my hair. I love Chad today for helping me pursue my goals. I’ve been running a mile every single day for 16 days. On Sundays and migraine days I walk that mile. Today was a migraine day, but 9:30 pm rolled around and I still hadn’t walked a mile. I was about to give up on my streak, when Chad said, “Come on. I’ll go with you.” We locked the door and walked back and forth in front of our home. Never getting too far away that we couldn’t see our home where the girls were sleeping. We chatted about our days, our future trip to San Diego, our work, and our plans for the future. I love him for the conversation. I love him for being my buddy in all things. And I really love him for taking something important to me and making it important to him. That’s love to me.