Just Say No

You know when everyone older than you keeps including those age-old sayings in conversations and you just think, “Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard this before,” and nod along? I’m talking about sayings like, “Wow, time flies by so fast.” Then you’re graduating college already and you suddenly realize for yourself, “WOW, time really does fly by so fast.” Another one of those sayings took on a whole new meaning for me recently.

Saying “yes” to one thing means saying “no” to another.

Months before I started doing social media freelance work, I had applied to teach an online social media class in a rush to find some kind of side hustle income. Months and months later, I was accepted for this winter semester and thought, “Hey, how cool. Why not teach?”

This week, I found out why not. I was sitting at the counter with my laptop open to all these online teaching trainings and my planner next to me with a list of all the other important things I needed to be doing. I suddenly felt buried under everything. After a moment of sitting completely frozen staring at the screen, I quickly shut my laptop and found Chad in our room.

I told him everything and he simply asked, “Why not back out now before the semester starts?”

I froze again. I am Jenessa. I do not back out of commitments. This is a great resume builder. I can handle this, can’t I?

Then the second train of thought came streaming in. I’ve been dreading the start of this semester. I’ve left all my teaching prep work till the very end of my list everyday. When I’m playing with my girls, I’ve started to feel this weight to get to work, when all I really want to do is enjoy my time with them. The happiest version of me would choose to be less stressed. She would prioritize what really matters and this class doesn’t. I don’t care enough about teaching.

After praying about it, I reached out to HR. Within 48 hours they had already found a replacement. I felt such relief and peace.

Saying “no” to teaching was empowering because it meant I was saying “yes” to time with my husband, my girls, my freelance work, my faith, my siblings, my friends, books, health, travel. A lot of things are important to me and a lot of things are important to you too. Isn’t it wonderful we get to choose what those are for ourselves?

So, here’s to taking control, prioritizing what really matters, and saying, “No, I don’t want to,” A LOT this year.

Happy 2019 everyone!

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