Nora and Ellie’s Birth Story

April 4, 2018

3:00 pm: At my final doctor’s appointment, Chad and I had an overwhelming decision to make. Ellie had surprisingly flipped and was no longer breech. We now needed to choose between a c-section or a regular delivery. After a half hour of going back and forth, we decided the 20 percent risk of having a regular delivery for the first baby, and needing an emergency c-section for the second….was worth it. Let the party begin.

7:00 pm: After showering and packing everything up, Chad took me to Cafe Rio. We ate all our feelings.

8:00 pm: We checked into the hospital. The nurses got me hooked up to an IV and started me on a low level of Petocin. I spent my night watching Friends and trying desperately not the be annoyed with the very kind nurse who came in all too often.

April 5, 2018

4:00 am: I finally fell asleep!

5:30 am: The nurse upped my Petocin levels. It started to feel real all at once right about then.

7:00 am: There was a shift change and in walked my favorite nurse—Hafsa. Oh how I love this power-house of a woman. I was dilated to a 1 and she broke my water (one of them anyway). Oh baby (or should I say babies?).  Heads up future mamas – THERE’S AN OCEAN IN THERE.

9:30 am: I was dilated to a 3 and started to feel some painful contractions. We ordered my epidural. I was terrified when the anesthesiologist walked in. I felt the numbing prick as Chad started on a long rambling story from high school trying to distract me. Bless his soul, it didn’t help much. Just as I was about to ask the anesthesiologist when we were going to get this over with, he wrapped everything  up and told me he had already done it. I had missed it entirely. Hallelujah.

11:00 am: This was a strangely calm time. My family came in to visit. Chad wolfed down some Five Guys across the room, trying to hide from me the fact that he was eating. It didn’t work, but I did get a smoothie and a jello cup.

1:00 pm: I was dilated to a 5 at this point and had a giant peanut-shaped yoga ball between my legs.

2:30 pm: I was dilated to a 7 and crying now. The pain had suddenly become intense. Chad was a champ holding my hand and Hafsa called in the anesthesiologist who put a shot of extra drugs in my epidural. It helped a little.

3:30 pm: I was dilated to an 8. Woot woot! Things were going faster than we thought they would. I got another shot from the anesthesiologist. My epidural really wasn’t working well.

4:30 pm: I was officially dilated to a 10. My nurse called my doctor and wheeled me into the OR. At my hospital all twins are born in the OR in case they need to perform an emergency c-section. I was only allowed to have one person in the OR with me according to hospital policy, but Hafsa, my new best friend, snuck in my sister too.

5:00 pm: The real pushing started and I had an audience: my doctor, two pediatric nurses, two respiratory specialists, and three nurses. It was a packed house. And the lights were INSANELY bright. Luckily, I had Jewels making me laugh, Chad holding my hand, and Hafsa coaching me through the pushing. 10 seconds had never felt so long.

5:20 pm: Chad and Jewels realized my epidural was no longer hooked up to the drugs since we moved into the OR. The pain was pretty much in full swing here.

5:30 pm: My audience of medical personnel kept saying they could see Nora’s head and that I was so close. These comments drove me a little insane. So sassy Ness came out saying I didn’t believe them because if that were true, Nora would be here already. Fortunately, my sassy self didn’t have too long to wait.

5:32 pm: My darling, tiny Nora Elizabeth entered the world at 5 pounds and 10 ounces. I had a chance to touch her and then she was gone. My doctor told us Ellie was head down so I wouldn’t need an emergency c-section. Miracles! My contractions started back up again a few minutes later, and my second water broke. Hello ocean #2.

5:46 pm: Elise McKenna came to join the family party at 5 pounds and 11 ounces. I got to hold her for a bit longer before she was whisked off too.

7:00 pm: After I was back in my room recovering from Hafsa kneading my stomach (ouch), the nurses brought in my little girls after their hour in the nicu. Chad and I finally got to hold them both. Our little family was all together. It was surreal and magical and hard to comprehend those tiny little humans were ours.

I’m forever grateful for Nora and Ellie. It felt like I had been waiting to meet them for a very, very long time.

P.S. Special shout-out to our incredible families for being there with us. We love you. Nora and Ellie are the luckiest to have you.