Our Little Family

This weekend was a dreamy one. It started off with a perfect at-home-date on Friday night complete with watching “When Harry Met Sally” all snuggled on the couch with lots of treats. The next day was just this simple family-focused kind of Saturday. We ran errands, cleaned the house, played with the girls, went to the splash pad, went to dinner with my parents, and even hung some frames along the stairs. Chad and I took an evening stroll after the girls went to sleep (don’t worry – we didn’t venture too far) and couldn’t get over how perfect the day was. I think it had something to do with the fact that it was a completely ordinary day. And yet, it was the EXACT kind of ordinary that we have been working so hard to get to. Our home, our girls, our lifestyle. We’re so completely happy all together. I just can’t get over it. Today (Sunday) the girls magically slept in, we went to church, I did some ministering work with my companion, and we made a fancy meal for Jen and Alissa. We still fit in some personal downtime, an evening walk, playing with the girls, and Come Follow Me.

Ordinary weekends are turning out to my favorites. We need to plan more of these in. I’m so happy as our little family of four in our little townhome.