The Hutch 20 in Hawaii

We’re on the plane back from Maui after a wonderful trip to Black Rock. I’ve been in a hard place lately with migraines so we decided to leave the girls with Chad’s parents. It was a really hard decision and we’ve missed them terribly, but it was the right decision. I fought through four migraines over seven days. We still managed to fit in a lot of fun around all the migraines though. Chad even blew a hole through his eardrum. And yet, we had a blast. That’s Hawaii for you. It’s nearly impossible to have a bad time.

So here’s a record of the best times, my favorite moments:

Our Hiking Adventure: Chad and I decided to set off on a little road trip one morning. We drove around a big chunk of the island on these tiny little roads blasting our favorite music and eating our feast of popcorn and Oreos. We stopped for two mini hikes. The first was Nakelele Blowhole. It may be a horrible name, but it was very cool. The blowhole was about a half-mile down a pretty steep hill. The wind was crazy and the waves were huge. Every time a big wave crashed the blowhole erupted 40 feet into the air. There were scary signs along the way that warned hikers not to get sucked into the blowhole. Chad and I kept our distance and took some funny photos. We kept driving and started on the Road to Hana. The first major stop is called Twin Falls. We hiked an even shorter distance and came across a few beautiful waterfalls. We decided to swim in one. It was cold and so fun to try and swim against the strong waterfall current. This was definitely one of my favorite days adventuring with Chad.

Family Ocean Swims: Almost every day a big group of us would end up playing in the ocean. We’d pass around babies, laugh when anyone got knocked hard by a wave, and look for sea creatures. My favorite moment was swimming after a sea turtle with Mae. We named her CeeCee and laughed and laughed together. It’s getting so easy to chat with her. I had a really great time with Mae this trip especially.

Leilani’s Lunch Date: Chad and I snuck away on our last family trip to Maui for a little lunch date and we decided to repeat it again this year. We even ordered the exact same things: fish tacos for me and nachos for Chad. We shared Hula Pie to finish off the delicious meal. I don’t know why I love this little date so much. It’s our hour or so to step back and re-evaluate where we’re at in our marriage, our jobs, our faith, everything. I’m so grateful for Chad and how great he is with keeping our little family happy and safe.

Thanksgiving Day: In the middle of a killer migraine, I was able to say a prayer and join my family for our big Thanksgiving dinner at Leilani’s. I was SO happy not to miss it. We all ate way too much, laughed too loud, and shared Hula Pie to top it all off. We all met up in Mom and Dad’s room to continue the Indian stick tradition and share what we are grateful for. And don’t worry, we then watched all the 2019 Lip Syncs and laughed til we cried.

Sunset Beach Walk: On our second night I convinced Chad to walk in the sand along the water back to our hotel. We ended up taking off our sandals and sitting for a little while as dusk became night. I don’t know what it is about the ocean. It brings such a feeling of peace.

My Dad’s Parenting Tips: Each night my dad would give a three-minute spiritual thought. They were pieces of parenting advice from the Book of Mormon. These are the ones that stood out to me:

  • Pray every day, every day, every day. I want to be better at praying first thing in the morning.
  • When struggles come our way, be humbled, not hardened.
  • Say your piece when teaching the girls, then be quiet and let them lead.
  • Reading the scriptures every day will keep us on the right path.

Swimming with the Munson Boys: These three are crazy and oh so adorable. For a good 30 minutes, I competed in handstand competitions, caught Graham over and over again as he jumped off the edge of the pool, and threw little boy after little boy up into the air to make the biggest splash. We laughed, splashed, and joked through it all. I really love them.

Facetiming with the Girls: Every day I caught the cutest glimpses of the girls sweeping, reading books, and blowing kisses. I’m hours away from hugging them. Hallelujah.

All in all, it was a great trip. The migraines and missing the girls weren’t able to take away from the magic that is being in Hawaii with the Hutchins clan. This year, I’m incredibly grateful hard things, like migraines, are not eternal, but the very best things, like my family, are. These 20 people are some of my favorite on the planet. I can’t imagine my life without them. So here’s to the best memories, hordes of photos, and spending way too much money on yummy macadamia nut chocolate.