Little Moments

I get caught up in countdowns to all the big events in my life: fun trips, birthdays, graduations, births, etc. I love the fun and hooplah, but today I want to stop for a little bit. With the girls’ first birthday fast approaching, I want to focus on all the precious little moments I’ve had with my cute family lately.

This week, I placed a few too many puffs on Nora’s high chair tray. Chad and I were trying to eat our own dinner and I was hoping to pacify the girls just a few more minutes. 30 seconds later, I looked over and Nora had 5 puffs about to burst from her mouth and another 5 puffs in each of her pudgy little hands. She was very happy for herself and when Chad and I cracked up she just kept looking at us with a confused expression. We laughed the rest of the evening about that.

Every time I put the girls down for a nap, my darling Ellie refuses to go down without a little extra play time. I’ll walk past what I assume is two sleeping babies fifteen minutes later and there is Ellie doing her downward dog yoga pose and laughing to herself. Ellie is amazing at entertaining herself. That girl is always throwing her own party.

We were watching a movie and had set the girls up to play in the room with us. When a big song came on, Nora started belting her little heart out. It sounded a lot more like yelling her heart out, but it was adorable. That girl can get really into it.

I started reading a journal edition of the Book of Mormon and I LOVE it. I love having so much space to write notes and ponder. I love that my highlighter ink doesn’t leak through the pages. I love focusing on how I can be a better mom this time through the book. It’s already been an amazing experience and I’m only 12 chapters in.

Chad and I randomly watched “Miss Congeniality” this week. Chad had been dizzy for 48 hours and we were both a little bummed. So we picked a funny movie we hadn’t seen in forever and cuddled up trying to forget the world. It was perfect. We caught lines we had never heard before when we used to watch this movie years and years ago. We laughed for ages at things that maybe weren’t that funny, but that night it was the perfect escape. Thanks Sandra Bullock.

Lately, I’ve been laying down in the middle of the girls’ play area and just letting them crawl all over me. It inevitably leads to Nora climbing all over me and Ellie finding something like my lips to play with. I always find myself laughing and the girls giggle along with me. It’s my favorite little play time right now.

Last weekend, I ran two miles. I haven’t done that since before I had the girls. Since before I was pregnant! It was an amazing feeling to remember what it’s like to move and not be exhausted. I’m training to run a 10k in April. No crazy half marathons are in my future just yet. Baby steps all the way.

Also, THE GIRLS CAN HOLD THEIR OWN BOTTLES NOW. Everybody clap your hands!!!

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