This Is Us

Jenessa | Ness | Mom

I’m 25-year-old, brand new twin mom. Or at least I still feel brand new. My girls are almost 6 months old. So maybe I need to be moving on from 100 percent inexperienced to novice? To be determined. I also do social media contract work on the side….when the girls let me fit it into their schedules.

I LOVE going on adventures (i.e. driving to the Grand Canyon and back in one day, trying a yummy food place nearby, studying abroad in Jerusalem, Target, etc.). Anywhere, anytime, I always want to go. I just come the girls and a heavy baby bag now.

I’m a holiday person. Especially birthdays. And Friendsgiving. And of course Christmas. And the Fourth of July. Oh and now Halloween because I can dress up my little babes in matching old lady costumes. I have the makings of their old lady hair on my counter right now.

It’s a good life. A happy life. Even with millions of bottles waiting to be washed and work emails pinging. Welcome to my lovely, ordinary world.


Chad | Dad | Chaddy Daddy

There’s too many wonderful things to say about this man right here. Chad has been mine for the last three and half years. He works at American Express as a credit analyst. Ask me about it. I finally feel confident enough in business speak to answer questions about his job. Wife goals right there.

Chad spent the first four months after our girls were born at home with us playing Super Dad. He cooks the best chicken marsala around and is Nora’s favorite person alive. Chad has only one tier of friends—best friends. He loves to golf, though I can school him in mini golf any day (ahem…most days). And can pretty much win any strategy game without really trying. I’m not frustrated by that fact or anything.


Nora | Nor Nor | Nora Bird

Oh my darling Nora. There’s too much to say about her. She is a kind, bashful, curious little soul. Nora loves to cuddle, hold hands with Ellie, sleep on her tummy, and smile at her dad. She has a beautiful smile. You just might have to earn it if you’re new. Nora observes all day long and only sings and talks when she has something important to say. She is a professional roller and sleeps like a champ. 12 glorious hours. We might just be the best rested twin parents in the state.


Elise | Ellie | Ellie Bear

My smiley Ellie. She is bold and brave and beautiful. She is a social butterfly and smiles at anyone and everyone. She is fascinated with her toes and is constantly showing off how flexible she is by sticking her toes straight into her mouth. You’ve got to remember to feed Ellie right before her grumpy time starts though or she will fiercely remind you what time it is. Oh and Ellie may just beat out Nora as the sleep champion of our family. She slept 13 blissful hours straight last week.


P.S. So I already have a complex about what order to put the girls names in. Do you go with who was born first? Or will that forever make the other feel bad? Do I make the conscious effort to switch off? Like I have brain power for that. Do I go in alphabetical order? Goodness gracious, someone help.