We Made It

Tonight, Chad and I were talking about our Thanksgiving trip to Hawaii with my family last year. At that time, we had only found out we were expecting twins about a month and a half prior. We were still in processing mode, especially Chad. We can each perfectly recall the fear and anxiety we felt that trip about the coming year. And then we realized all of that fear and anxiety has disappeared. The girls are seven and a half months old and we’ve survived. Everything we were most afraid of this year has come and gone. We made it. We’re parents and our girls are okay.

You may think, “Of course, you made it,” but I wasn’t so sure. I can clearly remember how nervously I read baby books and articles online and how overwhelmed I was by all the things I didn’t know. Just making a baby registry filled me with anxiety. And while there are a million things I still don’t know, Chad and I know enough. We learned enough. We’ve made mistakes, but we’ve moved forward. We’ll learn what we need to in the future. 

So this Thanksgiving, I’m most grateful that Chad and I are good parents of happy twin girls. It’s an empowering sentence for me to say. Hopefully, you can take a moment today and see the progress you’ve made this year. You’re capable of what’s in front of you. We all are.

P.S. Nora started scooting this week. She pulls her little self with one arm forward toward Chad, toward the ball she wants, toward everything. It’s the cutest thing to watch her determined little self cross the floor. I love it and I have way too many recordings of her new skill on my phone. I can’t help it.

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